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Online Loan Certification

You have two options to certify MEFA Loans for your students:

Online Loan Certification

You have two options to certify MEFA Loans for your students:



MEFA is pleased to work with ELM Resources as a lender partner. You can learn more about certifying MEFA Loans through ELM here.

By certifying MEFA Loans, you are authorizing on behalf of your institution that you have ensured that each of the following statements is true:

  • The MEFA Loan has been certified for an amount equal to or less than 100% of the student's cost of attendance less other financial aid received for the academic period.
  • The student is admitted or enrolled at least half time in an accredited degree-granting program and is making satisfactory academic progress as defined by your institution.


MEFA's Online Portal

We encourage you to take advantage of MEFA's online loan certification system, and to provide other college administrators at your school with access. You can learn more about certifying MEFA Loans through MEFA's Online Portal here.

Contact MEFA's College Relations Team

(800) 449 - MEFA (6332)

Contact MEFA's College Relations Team

(800) 449 - MEFA (6332)

MEFA's College Relations Team

Darina Barreto

College Relations Associate

Shawn Morrissey

Director of College Relations

Stephanie L. Wells

Director of College Relations

The MEFA Institute

We provide professional development trainings for our college administrator partners focused on planning, saving, and paying for college, including information on certifying and processing MEFA Loans. Learn more

U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program 

   Download the U.Plan partner logo

We partner with over 70 Massachusetts colleges and universities to offer the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program to families. If your school participates in the U.Plan and you serve as a U.Plan administrator, make sure to create an online account to manage your U.Plan rosters and set up ACH/EFT to receive U.Plan funds electronically.

To set up an online account, please contact Claudia Niles at or 617-224-4811. Please note that you must use one of the following supported desktop browsers to create an online U.Plan account: Google Chrome – two latest versions, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for Mac – two latest versions.

Log in to the U.Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

If a student's eligibility increases or decreases after I certify the loan, can I still make changes? Can changes be made to a loan that is fully disbursed?

At any time before the first disbursement, you can change the certified loan amount, disbursement amounts, and disbursement dates. After the first disbursement has been sent, you can modify subsequent disbursements. Once the loan is fully disbursed, you cannot make any changes. If a student needs to increase the loan after it's been fully disbursed, the student will need to apply for a new loan.

What is MEFA's Lender Code? Guarantor Code? Program Codes?

MEFA's Lender Code is 733921. MEFA's Guarantor Code is E10.

MEFA's Program Codes are as follows:

MEFA Undergraduate 15-Year Immediate: G67

MEFA Undergraduate 10-Year Immediate: M27

MEFA Undergraduate Interest-Only: R01

MEFA Undergraduate Deferred: G61

MEFA Undergraduate Deferred with Co-Borrower Release Provision: M26

MEFA Graduate Interest-Only: R02

MEFA Graduate Deferred: G62

Download this reference chart with MEFA's loan codes.

What is the best/preferred method for processing MEFA Loan refunds?

Whether you receive funds directly from MEFA (via check or EFT) or through ELM NDN, the preferred method is an electronic refund. If utilizing NDN, you can return funds via the NDN refund process. If you receive funds through MEFA, please complete the School Refund EFT Transmittal Form.

Our school is unable to send refunds electronically. Can we send a paper check?

While we strongly encourage you to send refunds electronically via our School Refund EFT Transmittal Form, we will accept paper refunds. Please send any loan refund checks to:

Attn: Loan Refunds
60 State Street, Suite 900
Boston, MA 02109

A student recently requested a reduction to his MEFA loan. What is the best method for adjusting that loan?

If a student has requested a loan reduction prior to disbursement, you can reduce the loan amount (and make any other adjustments) directly in ELMOne or the MEFA portal. If the student has requested a loan reduction after disbursement, you will need to process a refund as outlined above. All interest will be reversed on the refunded amount.

Can MEFA Loans be used for summer enrollment?

Yes, students may borrow a MEFA Loan for the summer session if they are enrolled less than half time, provided they are enrolled at least half time during the academic year. Summer loans may be certified using the student's enrollment status for the current academic year.

Can a MEFA Loan be used for a prior balance?

A MEFA Loan can be used to cover a prior balance for the previous semester. At the time of certification, the student must be enrolled, intending to enroll, or have completed a degree.

Volunteer for the MEFA Ambassador Program

If you're interested in serving as a volunteer presenter to speak to families about college planning at high schools in your community, the MEFA Ambassador Program may be a great opportunity for you! Sign up to become a MEFA Ambassador to connect with high schools who are looking for in-person and virtual presentations on financial aid, college admissions, paying the college bill, or saving for college. We welcome your participation. You can sign up here. If you have any questions about MEFA's Ambassador Program, please contact Stephanie Wells at or 617-224-4809.

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